Platform Futures, a project by Digital Asia Hub, convenes a network of academics and experts to create a space for dialogue on opportunities, challenges, and governance best practices across the Asia-Pacific region.

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Leading academics from across the Asia-Pacific region on areas such as data protection and privacy, competition, cross-border data flows, consumer welfare and access, disinformation and hate speech, and more.

 Round table discussions featuring members of our Expert Network and other leading experts. Visit our roundtables tab for latest information on upcoming and past events.


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Platform Futures Roundtable Series
1 + 1 = 3: When Consumer Protection and Digital Rights Converge

7 September 2022
9am London /10am Brussels /4pm Hong Kong

Instead of platforms as blackboxes, we approach them as ‘spaces in the making’, and are interested in mapping the different actors, stakeholders, communities, and users who make the platforms and create conditions for their emergence and adoption.

Malavika Jayaram, Digital Asia Hub

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A series of 'small books' curating critical insight into the multiplicity, potentials, and ramifications of a platform society.

Published by Digital Asia Hub and
ArtEZ University of the Arts, Netherlands
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Ex Post and Ex Ante Tools in the Regulatory Toolkit

In 2021 Digital Asia Hub launched the Platform Futures series. We invite you to 'meet' the Expert Network...