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Platform Futures: Navigating Global vs Local
16 February, 4pm Singapore, 9am Brussels / 📍Online

Technology platforms have long operated with minimal friction of national borders online, bringing in billions of people around the world as users. Today this dynamic is being challenged. Countries around the world are putting forth laws aimed at holding platforms legally accountable for how they operate and treat their users in different national jurisdictions. Platforms must negotiate with individual states around how they interpret and comply with laws and navigate a fraught space where economic, national security, and geopolitical interests converge. Platforms take on a number of different ‘faces’ as they navigate global vs local imperatives with implications for Internet users.


From India to the EU, Singapore to China, how are companies reconfiguring themselves? What are the implications for users?

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Urs Gasser.jpeg

Urs Gasser

Dean of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology

katherine .jpg

Katherine Chen

Professor, National Chengchi University and Facebook Oversight Board Member

Jack Qiu.jpg

Jack Qiu

Shaw Foundation Professor in Media Technology

Nanyang Technology University

Udbhav .jpg

Udbhav Tiwari

Head of Global Product Policy



Malavika Jayaram
Executive Director
Digital Asia Hub

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